Gig&Tell: Musicals Tonight

  • LOVE this company! 10/18/2014  7:40pm

    These people are the best. Kind, professional, fun, and supportive. I see post all the time on AU asking if the OP "should audition." YES. OMG, why wouldn't you? It's in the city, non-taxable stipend, and only a month of your time.

    If you look down on this company and their work you're a jerk. Period. Everyone should take this job!

    Ughhh I didn't rate.

    10/18/2014  7:41pm

    Do they give points?

    01/18/2017  7:18pm
  • So much fun... Such good people    
    03/27/2016  7:19pm

    Mel Miller might be one of the kindest people I have ever come into contact with. My whole experience with musicals tonight was amazing. The cast was so talented, and from all different stages of their careers (from Broadway vets to non equity, recent college graduates)
    The shows sold pretty well, and it was overall just a lot of fun.
    Everyone should do an MT show. Such a rewarding process.