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Gig&Tell: Orlando Shakespeare Theater

  • My Favorite    
    03/14/2018  1:43pm

    inCREDIBLY professional. Wonderful Management team and a tight Artistic team that oversees everything. Actors are respected and listened to. Everything about this place is wonderful. It's ALL by the book. It's idealic.

  • A wonderful place to work!    
    02/08/2016  12:12am

    Bear with me while I gush a bit...

    Honestly, I only have overwhelmingly positive things to say about this theatre. They consistently bring in actors who are extremely talented and also warm, wonderful people; the space is gorgeous; if you're lucky enough to be in the cast housing you wind up with a lake in your back yard (otherwise you're in an extended stay, which isn't bad other than a small kitchen); the production quality is great with a close attention to detail; the staff will treat you like one of the family and repeatedly go out of their way to support you; you will feast on the best pork belly at the local tapas place and there's some cool bars, coffee shops, and farmers markets nearby the theatre if you take the time to explore the locals' side of Orlando; the weather is great; you will wind up going to Disney a lot... in short, a truly wonderful place to work!