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Gig&Tell: Greater Ocean City Theatre Company

  • Amazing experience    
    02/20/2015  10:45am

    If you ever get the chance to work for it! It is a wonderful company with amazing people.

    The atmosphere is a perfect combination of structured and relaxed. Everything is run in a professional manner, but nothing is overly strict and no one takes themselves more seriously than they should. The rehearsal process is typically a quick one, but if you're on or ahead of schedule you'll get some extra time off. Basically, if you work hard, you will reap the rewards.

    Not to mention, the Actor Housing is the best you will ever won't want to leave!

    Great non Union theatre!!! Contracts are short. Around 3 weeks for each show. You are living in amazing beach houses in a great beach town. I was on the beach everyday before rehearsal. Fun, positive environment. Great people run this theatre. They treat their actors very well and work hard to make you feel appreciated. Most shows are performed with a full professional orchestra, which almost never happens in non Union theatre. Great summer contract. Loyal and fun!!!

    03/02/2015  4:44pm

    I absolutely love this theatre. Their housing is amazing, and they treat their actors and staff with respect and dignity. Their physical theatre is directly on the beach and they own studios to rehearse in in the town. Their shows are very well done, and are well cast. Even though pay isn't the highest, the contracts are only three weeks, so it isn't awful and they reimburse for travel (and sometimes give bonuses). They are lovely. I would recommend their company to absolutely anyone.

    03/03/2015  7:17am

    OCTC is a wonderful company!
    -Best housing I've had
    -great rehearsal space
    -good production quality
    -they love to rehire
    -Great, caring staff who take care of you
    -fun, positive environment

    01/04/2016  2:01pm

    What you don't make in pay at this company, you will make up in experience, professionalism, and enjoyment. I've worked several contracts with GOCTC over the years, and can attest that their production value is incredible, their enviornment is warm yet professional, and the support of the community will change your life. A paid vacation for sure. Michael Hartman is everything you could want in an Artistic Director.

    02/17/2016  8:14pm

    I don't have enough good things to say about OCTC. Firstly, their staff is incredible. Michael Hartman, their artistic director, is a dream collaborator and also a wonderful guy to spend any time with. His team, Laura the SM, his usual music directors Jon and Andrew, his tech staff, are all top notch in their field as well as great people.

    The housing is, hands down, the best non-eq housing you are likely to ever stay in: Beautiful beach houses a few steps from the beach and usually within walking distance from their rehearsal space and theatre.

    The rehearsal process is usually easy and painless. You rarely start rehearsal before noon, are often let out earlier than expected, and their actual physical rehearsal space is awesome. Despite your light rehearsal load, the shows are always top-notch quality.

    Literally the ONLY downside I can think of is that they pay a stipend for their gigs, but when you break it down weekly it usually ends up being about what you would get at other non-eq gigs. Also, the contracts are extremely short (usually 3 performances), which is a shame since the quality is so good, but on the flip side, it's a great way to get a good role on your resume in a short period of time.

    Most of their main stage shows are performed with a 20+ piece orchestra. They are incredible musicians and the experience is really amplified because of it. You won't, however, be able to get any video/audio footage from the shows because of their union rules.

    Again, it's a great experience. The team is the perfect balance between running a tight, professional ship and also being laid back and FUN.

    Highly recommended!

    03/19/2016  4:33pm