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Gig&Tell: Ocean State Theatre Company

  • Closed Down    
    05/25/2017  2:48pm

    Another great live theatre has been forced to close.
    Hopefully they'll return again some time next season.

  • Not worth it    
    09/26/2016  10:08am

    Describing this theatre as "hit or miss" is very apt.

    Those housed in the local hotel have it made, those chosen to reside in the apartments they rent out are met with a situation that barely meets a minimum standard of cleanliness and are minimally equipped for comfort (ie you may have one plate, one mug, a couple utensils, one towel, and one threadbare sheet/blanket set per person).

    The dressing room situation can only get better. Most actors are in the basement of the bldg with minimal lighting, it's basically one large room that is curtained off to separate one room from another. There is one "family" bathroom that is upstairs and shared among all of the actors and the crew, there is unfinished plumbing and piping in the floor of one area that could at some point be another batroom, but right now it is a dressing room shared among several actors.

    It is one of the lower-paying theatres (it references a LORT-D contract) but you only have five or six per week, so going back to NYC is very possible during the run of the show.

    The show that I was a part of was directed by the theatre's artistic director (who also performs occasionally in shows) who is incredibly difficult and frustrating to work with in my experience, though I will concede that others' opinions are that person are not as harsh as my own.

    Overall, I give it a two out of five star rating, I guess it could always be worse.

    No, you're correct. She's difficult and isn't as talented as she thinks.

    10/25/2016  9:10pm

    My experiences have been very different. It's true the dressing rooms aren't "finished", but they are very upfront about it and treat everyone with respect.

    I have done three shows there over the last three years, and would work there again if they asked. Two of the shows were directed by the Artistic Director, and I found her to be an intelligent director that challenges the actor. I can see actors (who don't like to work hard) not liking to work with her, but I prefer those actors not working at all.

    The staff there is always helpful, stage managers and tech crew are always looking out for the cast.

    As far as housing goes, it was a decent two bedroom apartment. I had one small issue during one of my stays, and they had it resolved literally within 2 hours.

    I guess people can have different experiences, but after three different contracts there I would guess some of these other reviews tend to be more sour grapes than real perspectives

    12/16/2016  11:39am
  • The Rundown Of OSTC    
    09/01/2016  4:42pm

    This theatre is very hit and miss. Productions range from very good to very poor. Their shows never seem to strive for absolute excellence or real artistic value. Just hashing out the same old same old, which isn't always bad. Gotta get butts in the seats and pay the bills.

    I'd suspect that much is due to their ever-changing technical staff that never seems to stay put.

    Most of the cast are local actors, some fantastic and some that just seemed to pick acting as a hobby. So their casts seem to always be unbalanced.

    Their contracts range from 5-6 weeks, so it's a nice quick gig. You're in the middle of the state so you really have to go to Providence for any actual "city" life. It's not far, just a 15 min drive. The show schedule is fairly easy which is nice. They host a cabaret on the weekends which is nice.

    The dressing room spaces have much to be desired as their not finished. There's only one actual legit dressing room which is the designated "star" dressing room. The others are in the unfinished basement with no real lighting, so girls makeup is a bitch.

    Overall, it's great for a one time gig. Other than that you're good to go I'd say.

  • Eh.    
    09/23/2014  7:36pm

    Was less than impressed with the production quality. Some of the cast was brilliant and some rolled out of bed yesterday and chose to be an actor. They ran out of money and only have 1 real dressing room.

    OOOOK. OSTC is in its first year in the building they are currently using. It's true that they have one dressing room off the stage, but they have dressing room areas for the whole cast in other places of the theater. OSTC is a WONDERFUL place to work if you have local housing and/or a car. The people who run it care so much about succeeding and they realize that treating their actors well is important. The pay isn't spectacular but it's on par with the other LOA contracts around. They love their dancers, so if you're a strong dancer, they will hire you back again and again and again. Warwick is a real place with LOTS to do, Newport is gorgeous, the seafood is amazing and a lot of the ensemble is local kids who know all the good places to party-as the schedule is only 6 to 7 shows a week, you're not dying and you have time to enjoy your life. A really nice gym around the corner gives you a free membership. It has a pool and the facilities are gorgeous. Our production was stunning. Our costumes were rented from the national tour production, the sets were gorgeous, the orchestra live. We had a great opening night party, a great closing champagne toast....the theater abides by each and every equity rule and treats their Equity and EMC performers exactly the same.

    I will say that your experience artistically might differ depending on who your director is, and if applicable, your musical director. But really. You could do MUCH MUCH worse than OSTC and I can't wait to go back.

    11/17/2014  8:40pm

    I had a unbelievably great experience with OSTC. The dressing room situation is not ideal but it's not detrimental in any way and will only get better with time. The cast I worked with were all professional and talented. The sets, costumes, and all the show design were first rate and everything looked beautiful. The staff from top to bottom were all grateful and appreciative for all the work each of us did to put the show up. There were a lot of local hires but most were New York transplants with local housing. The housing provided for others was great. The free gym membership was fantastic. It's still a young theatre with room to grow and it will. I'd jump at any chance to go back.

    11/18/2014  9:41am

    I had a wonderful time working here. EMC points, incredible housing, nice facility, and good production quality. The cast was great, good director, and stage management. Decent pay. You also get comps and quite a few staff discounted tickets. Access to production photos as well as some video footage. Easy schedule. 6-7 shows a week. Overall, lovely experience and would definitely go back again.

    03/02/2015  4:39pm

    Loved working here! If you get a contract take it.

    08/31/2015  2:22pm