Gig&Tell: The Gallery Players

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    07/26/2015  6:01pm

    My best friend did a show with them last season and had a horrible experience. She warned me against working with them and I did it anyways. I should have known better after my audition was in a pre-school classroom. The creative team was a mess, horrible organization skills on who was doing what. The "producers" are, shallI say idiots as well? Poorly built and unsafe set pieces, also our clothes weren't washed the entire run. It was probably the worst experience I've ever had on a show. Oh, and they pre-cast. No. Just no.

    Gallery Players shows all have an individual production team so the level of professionalism and quality of the shows can vary immensely. I had the pleasure of being in an awesome production of Parade. Our Producers were amazing. Design wis our set and costumes were supperb and excellently built and maintained. I also had friends who were in their production of Rent which was also great. When it comes to their show you have to do your research and find out who you are working with. For a showcase contract they do some very ambitious productions and for me it was a chance to play a role had desired to play for sometime.

    09/13/2015  5:10pm

    aren't they also considered community theater?

    09/25/2015  1:08pm

    Gallery Players one hundred percent depends on the team that is brought on for each productions. I worked with them this past year and was left with a lot of questions. Our producer was excellent, but somehow our director was the worst. She was directing Shakespeare and didn't seem to have any innate directorial abilities and it made the production a nightmare. Poorly interpreted, barely cut, and horribly cast. The creative team was constantly at each others' throats and as a result the aesthetic of the costumes, scenic design, etc. all clashed. Our producer was a star, which made some of us wonder what happened...

    01/22/2016  3:05pm

    Yeah their quality does change a lot but it's been good under the current artistic director. I don't mind auditioning in a classroom though. Big dreams, small budget so sometimes they fall short. I did one flew there and the set was pretty incredible, design solid and good direction. Wish the projectors used in the show were more reliable. From seeing shows there this year, seems like the regular season is very good and a total toss up for the summer Shakespeare/black box festival.

    07/29/2016  10:20am

    It really does depend on your production team. I did Charlie Brown here and found it to be such a smooth professional experience. We also got reviewed a lot, and got nominated for a few awards for the show, so the exposure was really worthwhile as well. Just do some research on the team before you go in.

    08/23/2017  12:48pm