Gig&Tell: Bigfork Summer Playhouse

  • Greatest Place on Earth    
    09/26/2017  5:23pm

    I have worked at BSP for two summers, and they have been the most magical summers of my life! The owners are the most loving and wonderful people, the direction teams they bring in are always stellar, and the town itself and its people absolutely adore the company members. The first seven weeks are extremely intense, but the shows are always magnificent, and the second seven weeks when you only have to perform at night and get the whole day to yourself make it all worth it. Montana is so beautiful and there are so many fun things to do, and the people they hire are always great people to work with. You will learn so much about yourself and about life during this contract! It is a long contract, and rotating rep is not always for everyone. If you're not super into the outdoors, or don't think you'll be happy living with 19 other people in one dorm (you get your own room and they're all nice/big, no worries), then perhaps it isn't for you. But I believe it is truly the greatest experience a young actor could have. You'd be crazy not to take it!

    What was the pay like? EMC points?

    01/27/2018  11:57pm