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Gig&Tell: Cedar Point Live Entertainment

  • LOVE Cedar Point!    
    08/11/2016  5:24pm

    Definitely one of the best jobs an up and coming actor should try and secure. 6-8 20 minute shows a day, 6 days a week, performance only (no additional work), $94ish dollars a day, free admission to the park, housing available, employee transportation, comp tickets, bunch of free stuff, GREAT management.

    The only thing is that the shows aren't the best for artistic expression. They're pretty simple and shallow, but it's an amusement park so what can you expect. The work can get pretty repetitive and a little mundane, but as long as you keep it fresh, you'll be fine. Talent is pretty impressive and the higher-ups are sweet and helpful. Def recommend.

    I loved working at Cedar Point. I did one of their Halloweekends and it was really fun! The choreography was great; it was fun to perform and super high energy so you got a work out. The song choices were also fun. The people who work there are really nice, but they are also professional and know how to get the job done.

    The one downside would be the housing. If you're going to work there, try to find someone else who's going to work there and a get a small apartment or something. The dorms there are never cleaned, and they have bunk beds and lockers for your stuff. It's basically a closet. There's one bathroom/shower area on each floor, and the people who clean them really don't clean them at all. I would definitely recommend finding somewhere else to stay.

    01/02/2018  6:29pm
  • Love Cedar Point!    
    02/18/2016  2:32pm

    I have worked a few contracts at Cedar Point now and I always end up having an amazing time. This park has some of the most extreme and record breaking roller coaster in the world, so it is large, high budget, and gets a LOT of guests. Working here has been my only experience with amusement park work, so I can't really compare to other experiences. You usually stay on a 6 day/week schedule where you are performing 5 half-hour sets 5 days a week and then 6 sets one day. (This does not include Luminosity, which has a bit of a different daily schedule. Also not sure about improv shows or the beach band--The new park general manager has been rapidly expanding the Live entertainment department so there are many new gigs that I'm not as familiar with.)
    Pros: I LOVE this place. I always made amazing friends and I love the management team. This is an amusement park job which means you're being paid better and your health costs are covered if you have a problem during the season. I feel like the quality of shows within the park are pretty top-notch. Maybe around the same or just slightly less budget than Busch Gardens? Although you have to remember that Cedar Point is ROLLER COASTER focused, so the shows are usually just music reviews with (sometimes heavy) choreo. Less like Universal or Disney where many shows can be plot or character driven. I always end up in amazing shape after these contracts--they are like performance boot-camp! You learn a lot about self-care and maintenance to make sure you avoid injury with such a rigorous schedule. Some people have mixed feeling about this, I have always come away feeling stronger than when I started.
    Cons: Sandusky is... not the most fun town. Cedar Point is really the biggest thing happening in Sandusky so it isn't always the most stimulating. But Cleveland isn't far is you have a ride on a day off. The lake is pretty in the summer. And there is a bar right across the bridge from the dorms which can make for some summer-night fun. Which brings me to my next point; the dorms are... rough. I lived in the dorms my first summer and I can say I survived but... I will not go back. haha They do try to keep Live Entertainment department people together which can be helpful. Either you will be in a dorm with 3/4 people or an apartment with like... 12-15. No stove in the kitchen. Air Conditioning if you're lucky. The dorms only have a microwave. If you want a mini-fridge, bring it. It was pretty fun to be all together in the same place, but if I go back for a summer contract I will definitely try to set up some sort of sub-lease in town near the park. Honestly I think that is the way to go. There are a lot of houses right in town with cheap monthly rent. I also think the money you save monthly by "dorming" is lost in the amount of money you end up spending eating out (at least in my experience). Real kitchens save money and you can actually keep frozen/refrigerated food. ALTHOUGH it is worth noting that cedar point has an ULTRA cheap employee cafeteria within the park. Not always the most healthy options, but many times they do have soup, salad bar, subs, and entree, and then a lot of fried stuff. I have lived in the apartments during fall Halloweekends contracts, which is fine because they are half empty most of the time! Much less hectic. I know some people also do not like the amusement park work schedule. It can be TAXING but I personally have always felt amazingly strong after every contract, you just have to really take care of yourself to avoid injury.
    Overall, Cedar Point has a place in my heart! And it actually pays enough that you can leave the summer with some good money! 5/5 would definitely work there again!