Gig&Tell: Highlands Playhouse

    02/21/2017  10:06am

    I personally loved it. The housing facilities weren't amazing - but I've slept in much worse. The biggest issue is there wasn't a kitchen per se - but I hear that's changing?

    Bill is a wonderful man - really willing to listen about actors concerns and doing whatever he can to accommodate. After people in the building complained about us being loud - he rented a hotel for us on the 4th of July so we could be human and have a party. I mean what!?

    The theatre is small - but the patrons are wonderful. So kind and very invested. There's a lot of nature to get into, the biggest issue is using the solitary company vehicle and taking turns using it. Amazing hiking and swimming and the most gorgeous views driving to and from the playhouse.

    You also have tons of time off. Once the show opens - you're off from Sunday after the matinee until call Wednesday night. Our cast really gelled and, I think, had a great experience. Also. If you get to work with Heidi - she's honestly the greatest woman in the world.

    I'd go back in a heartbeat.

  • Small but Mighty Theatre in the Mountains    
    05/03/2015  8:35am

    I absolutely LOVED working at Highlands Playhouse! I worked there for two summers, and generally the experience was really good for me!

    First of all, the place is really organized. The stage management team was top notch both summers that I worked there. I almost always felt like my time was used really efficiently, and the rehearsal schedule was really great.

    The show schedule is also pretty light. It was disheartening a bit when there were a few nights with tiny audiences, but the theater was growing immensely during my two summers, and from what I've heard, has continued to grow really well. Just know that the stage is on the smaller side, and the wing space is quite limited.

    Highlands as a town, while very beautiful, is quite boring. BUT you can have some really nice day trips to Atlanta and Asheville (amazing).

    I think housing has changed dramatically since I left, so I can't comment on that, but I had good times.

    Definitely take the job if you're unsure. It's a great experience.

  • Also would like to know about this theatre!

    02/21/2015  11:22am