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Gig&Tell: Maine State Music Theatre

    10/29/2015  10:12am

    I can only attest to being an EMC/Intern with this company but wow if you get a chance to work here and/or do this intern program... DO IT. Definitely the best summer stock intern program in the country for its quality of production, rehearsal space, creative teams and learning experience.

    Marc Robin (who works as a director/choreographer at MSMT and at many large regional houses and is the Art. Director at Fulton Theatre as well) is a damn genius and a great man to work with. Curt (his husband and the Art. Director of MSMT) is also a sweet man who is very good at his job and runs the company like a well oiled machine! A dream team along with the myriad of wonderful people working on the crew and in the box office.

    The intern program is definitely hard but it is seriously SO rewarding. And you have a chance to play a bigger role in the Intern concert production, the kids show and in Footlight Follies which is awesome and another great learning experience - AND these take place on the mainstage which is very cool. You do different Q&A's with people in various aspects of the business and learn a lot at these seminars - though they can be seriously hard to wake up for cause they are early in the morning before a long day of rehearsals and shows. The intern singing is another extra thing to learn but it's kinda fun- especially if you like a'capella. Also you do re-audition for all of the shows for placement in the ensemble and small roles which can be nerve wracking and again - tiring - but it is so good for you to keep in the audition swing of things and it can be easy to get feedback afterwards... so many learning opportunities!

    Only downsides to this intern program can be the housing (pretty small size/sharing rooms with multiple people - though that may have changed by now) and the pay. Pay is not so good at under $200 a week... when the interns work so hard and such long hours you often wish they could pay you more. You also do help with load in and load out. Again... you're paying your dues but I am telling you it is so, SO worth it for what you get out of it. You also get so close to the other interns and can learn so much from the established equity actors who come through to do their shows.

    I heard from the Equity actors that its a favored nations contract that is about $1000 a week (don't quote me on that)... so that's pretty awesome. Also the equity housing is pretty nice!

    My only advice- it can be easy to lose your mind a bit as an intern and start to lose the gratitude for being there. Don't be the one complaining all the time. Don't forget that this is a real life job and real life connections and you don't want to ruin that for yourself because you're really tired and "hangry"! Haha... don't risk making any enemies here!

    If you book this RUN, don't walk, to sign and send in that contract to be a part of this amazing family.