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Gig&Tell: Thin Air Theatre Company

  • Great company that    
    08/05/2015  8:09pm

    I worked there in the summer of 2014. It's a theater located in a charming little town. In the summer, you can even see Donkeys walking in a pack around town. (Totally harmless, totally friendly). The town is also very supportive of the theatre and their actors. You're almost like a mini-celebrity in town.

    The pay is what you would expect from a non-equity company, and everything is very affordable. There are cute stores and a family dollar in town, but if you're looking for a wal-mart, that would be a 20-30 minute drive so I suggest bringing a car. There is also a gym in town that actors have free access to use.(it's located right across the street.

    The hours of rehearsal aren't excessive and they're seriously a blast. I've worked with three different directors and they're all very supportive, fun and easy to work with. They also offer opportunities beyond summer employment, as they do shows through December.

    Before some of the shows, they about four actors to go out and pass flyers for their shows for about 20 minutes. Even if you're not used to talking to people,(I'm more of an introvert myself) you learn to adjust quickly and the locals are usually receptive and ask questions about the shows. Hands-down, one of the best companies I've worked for and highly recommend taking the gig if offered.

  • Awesome summer with great company    
    11/10/2014  11:17am

    I completely disagree with the other post. I had an amazing experience at TATC.
    This was my first experience doing melodrama, and it was SO fun. The audiences were really responsive to the whole season, the other actors I worked with were incredibly talented, and I thought the creative team was great.
    I worked on 3 shows with 3 different directors, all with very different styles, but enjoyed each experience. All very talented. Company took care of actors.
    Opportunity to audition for extended season during summer contract.
    Housing was a little hit or miss. I was lucky enough to have my own room and bathroom, but interns had to share rooms, and the girls' house was much nicer than the guys'.
    You will have to do some extra duties, but they are clearly lined out in contract - some moving of set pieces between scenes and at changeover on 2-show days, rotating list of weekly dressing room cleanings, bi-weekly ushering, and sparking before shows to promote ticket sales, but if you're willing to work, it's not excessive.
    Solid pay for non-equity. Great schedule with 2-days off/week once shows open. Quirky little town, but very charming. Mountains are GORGEOUS.
    Very worth it if it's a good role for you.

    Locals are also really appreciative of the actors and give meal comps at restaurants and free passes to museums.

    11/10/2014  11:19am
  • Waste of time    
    10/10/2014  4:13pm

    Waste of time contract in the middle of nowhere. Pay was okay I guess, with literally nothing to spend money on except trips to the Walmart an hour away. Poor direction for the most part, and the producer is a shyster. Don't bother unless you have no credits and want to relearn how to breathe in high altitudes. The mountains are gorgeous though, which gets this place one singular star.

    Oh, and I guess there's casinos to spend your pittance at.

    10/10/2014  4:15pm