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Gig&Tell: Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theater

  • Beautiful Location, Great Pay 01/07/2015  10:24am

    Cabin Nite is a great gig. You're in Alaska just outside Denali National Park, and have two-day weekends every week to hike, raft, camp, and generally enjoy your summer. The pay is absolutely some of the best in non-equity work outside of cruise lines, and it's great people to work with too. You are waiting tables and performing a 45 minute show twice a night, and while it's not the most amazing artistic work, it's actually a lot better material than would be expected from a dinner & a show format. Some beautiful music, and several of the guys play guitar in the show as well. There has been some change in structure and management over the last year, however, so I don't know what things will be like for summer 2015.