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Gig&Tell: Shadowland Theatre

  • What a magical place    
    08/20/2015  2:05am

    This is such a lovely company! Brendan Burke is both a brilliant & patient director who respects his actors. This company is a joy to work for: both the staff & the crew are some of the funniest people you'll ever encounter. The theatre itself is beautiful & has great acoustics. The housing is good as well: washer & dryer, multiple ovens & refrigerators and all within walking distance of the theatre. The town, though beautiful, leaves a bit to be desired. It's safe, but like NYC I wouldn't wander on your lonesome after dark. There's a Walmart & a Shoprite down the road. You CAN get by without a car, but it's best if you have one especially since you're in the Catskills: hiking trails galore! What the town lacks in things to do it makes up in ice cream shops: at least 3 within walking distance. The only downfall is the pay, but it's standard for an STP contract. Enjoy Ellenville.