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Gig&Tell: Cape May Stage

  • Great Place to Work    
    11/19/2014  7:40pm

    I have done two shows at Cape May Stage and have loved it. The pay is a bit low, but you are doing less than 8 shows per week.

    The space is unbelievable. A really great theatre anyone would be proud to work in.

    The artistic director is amazing. The board members and volunteers will make you feel welcome and like one of their own. Be prepared to be treated like a professional, with the upmost respect.

    Any advice on things to do or see while working there? I just booked a show and will be there in the summer and would love any advice since I have a few days off a week :)

    03/17/2016  10:19am

    A total gem of a place to work. Pay isn't high and the housing is far from fancy, I would use the word rustic, but you're living a 10 minute walk to one of the best beaches on the east coast and in a town that looks like it's out of a storybook.

    The theater is great, the artistic director is extremely professional and cool. The whole staff and the board members are so sweet and so much fun you're likely to make life long friends. The level of work you'll do is very high and you'll probably have pretty large houses. The theater is a big attraction in the town, very well attended and respected.

    When I was there you would rehearse in the warehouse space where the sets also get built. It's air conditioned and pretty comfortable. Not a studio space like in NY or something but it works.

    The house has bikes to borrow if you want. It's a great biking town, there's a ton to do on your days off so you might even want to bring your own if you have one.

    Grocery store is very close to the actor house but the farmer's markets are worth checking out.

    It's a lovely, beach-y, easy, easy life down in Cape May. If you get the opportunity to work there, enjoy every second of it!

    04/27/2016  1:25pm

    Any EMC points on this job? Or just pay? Or did it depend on the job?

    05/26/2016  7:07pm

    A very positive experience for me with wonderful management, strong cast, and outstanding audiences. It is a small town, but what a town it is: gorgeous, playful, and a world class beach. The only real downside is the pay, which is improving; I'd gladly go back. Extras include no matinées, the lighthouse park, and several excellent restaurants. I also felt "taken care of" by the community and the Artistic Director far above the pay grade.

    02/09/2017  1:42am