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Gig&Tell: The Little Theatre on the Square

  • Lovely Companh    
    09/23/2015  10:48pm

    LTOTS is a wonderful place to work. They really genuinely care about their actors, and they're very approachable. Housing is provided. The majority of us were Non-Eq the summer I was there, and they offer EMC points. Pay increases every season you work for them. Production value is great, and they really care about maintaining a good reputation. Sullivan is a very tiny little town....takes a sec to get used to, but not bad. I definitely recommend working there!

  • Awesome place to work    
    06/18/2015  10:15pm

    I worked at LTOTS a few years ago, and it was my experience there that got me back into performing after 8 years of not doing acting work. The pay for non-eq was decent, and they give EMC points, which opened many doors for me. Since my work there, I have continued to work and am proudly a member of AEA. Without the experience I had here, I don't know that I'd be where I am now!

  • Amazing! 02/18/2015  7:47am

    I have done a ton of shows at LTOTS and they are the best people to work for and do great shows and great work! Anyone who works there is truly lucky because what amazing people they are.