Gig&Tell: Fiddlehead Theatre

  • Great experience at Fiddlehead! 10/12/2016  3:53pm

    I just finished doing a run of Priscilla Queen of the Desert there and had the time of my life! I highly recommend it if you're interested in spending some quality time in Boston area. I got treated very well and the production values were excellent. Hope this helps someone in the future! ;)

  • Wonderful Experience    
    02/18/2015  12:26pm

    I just finished up a run at Fiddlehead and had an incredible time. Like any place, there are pros and cons:

    PROS: Fantastic (and well connected) production team, brilliant management and design team, beautiful, historic venue, lots of opportunity for repeat contracts, heavy press (i.e., reviewed by The Globe, ads on local radio stations, etc), kindhearted and loving cast members that become friends and family, talent abounds!

    CONS: They don't provide housing for non-eq, and the pay isn't always enough to cover the cost. That's literally it. If you have friends in the Boston area, you should hit them up and arrange couch surfing as needed.

    Seriously, I can't say enough good things about the creative and design teams and about the pretty-much-painless process of working for the good people at Fiddlehead. I look forward to working there again!!