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Gig&Tell: Greenbrier Valley Theater

  • Nobody's Rich, Everyone's Happy    
    11/20/2014  10:41am

    State theater in an really culturally deprived area. Which means there's not a lot to do but man do they need you here and they are grateful. The shows I've been in and that I've seen are consistently high quality and everyone cares deeply about the quality of the shows. They don't have a lot of wiggle room on salaries. You're gonna start at minimum. They have incredible loyalty to returning actors. The show schedule is very light. Apparently it's a very good place for nature/hiking/wilderness if that's your thing. I'll be back.

    Loved it. Worked there as a non-union hire from NYC. Treated me very well. Great housing, cute town - restaurants/bars - not a to to "do," but they have a cute cinema downtown that plays indies and a mega-plex thingy. I'd highly recommend it. EMC points available.

    11/25/2014  1:33am

    Amazing little theatre in the West Virginia Mountains. They are the only year round professional Equity theatre in the state. Have done two shows here. Always high quality. Great staff and board members who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Housing is really nice and Lewisburg is a really cute town with lots of delicious farm to table restaurants and bars. I hope to be back.

    12/12/2014  9:32am

    One of the best contracts and most fun I have ever had. The staff and board are supportive and great. The quality is amazing for the area and resources. There is a lot to do around in the area as well, incredibly beautiful all around!

    11/27/2016  3:25pm