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Gig&Tell: Eagle Theatre

  • The Eagle Theatre is unlike any other I've seen    
    04/21/2016  9:55am

    Guys: This is a weird Gig and Tell. But I had to share. First, I know A LOT of friends who work there. I honestly haven't heard anything bad ever. They say it's warm, welcoming, fast paced and respectful. Also, if you haven't seen a show there, you should. Unbelievable quality, amazing tech, and a really nice experience.

    So, my story from today. I auditioned for their recent EPA's. I know people have talked about the fact that they send the "you haven't been cast" emails to everyone. But guys, this is totally above and beyond. This email comes from one of the Ad's himself (Ed). It's not a one line email. It's a 4 paragraph email thanking us for OUR time, telling us how much we are appreciated and giving us actual stats on who showed up and their process. He also invites you to ask questions and he will eventually reply. If I thought it was appropriate, I'd post the email here for all to see.

    I just can't believe in this day and age the lengths this theatre goes to so that we know we are valued. It's apparent when you see the amount of people traveling across the country for their EPA's. And talking to other performers in the lobby, they all feel the same way. This theatre not only deserves the respect of us, the performer. But it really needs to be communicated further so other theaters attempt to take the lead here. If more operated like the eagle theatre did, our jobs and lives would be a lot less stressful. Thank you Eagle theatre.

    Word. I couldn't agree more. Love them, love the team, love the theater, love the town. Everyone should audition there. Experience is 2nd to none.

    04/21/2016  9:57am

    Agreed! Their audition/casting process is the best! I love how valued they make an actor feel, even if they're delivering bad news. Ed is so thoughtful, Ted is so laid back - they make a perfect team and everyone has a good time in the audition room. It's relaxed, but always professional and positive. Love The Eagle!

    04/25/2016  8:22am
  • Seriously one of the best!    
    01/02/2016  3:07pm

    100% across the board. Organized, professional, caring, hard working. From creative team/design team to the accountant who sits down personally with you to do contracts at the meet and greet, this theatre has their sh*t together after only a few years of operation. Ed and Ted are excellent at their jobs and both terrific directors. I've worked with both of them. They both have their strengths with no weaknesses worth mentioning. Seriously, this theatre is probably the best I've ever worked at if you factor everything in together (includes off broadway, national non equity tour, etc). They are an Equity house but only are using no more than 40% AEA contracts so there's plenty of work for non eq, and you get points. Housing is cute. Theatre is gorgeous, town is perfect. Ed (one of the AD's and directors) truly cares about you and makes sure you are comfortable. No drama, they learn from their mistakes and the productions are right up there with best I've been a part of and/or seen onstage anywhere. Do yourself a favor. Audition here this April when they hold their 2017 EPA's. They audition WAY in advance to compete with the philly market.
    Can't say enough good things about the eagle theatre!

  • WOW! Best audition experience I've ever had!    
    04/12/2015  11:21pm

    I have never really posted on here but I feel like I have to after this audition yesterday. I live in NY. I learned about this place from a friend who did THE CIVIL WAR with this company last year. They are definitely up and coming. The Non equity pay isn't great yet but it's climbing and negotiable. But the audition room! By far, the most welcoming, professional room (and well run lobby) I've EVER experienced. I shared a car with two friends and we all agree. Whether we get a C/B or not, we will be going back to audition again. If the audition is this organized, friendly, professional and downright enjoyable, I need to experience working here for myself. My friend said the entire experience (besides the pay, he got $200 per week), was perfect. The one Artistic Director, Ed, was incredibly communicative throughout the process, which is rare. And he and the other AD were SO nice in the room (and they were double and triple booked for each time slot, so they didn't need to be). Check this place out friends!

    Agreed!! I was there for the Saturday auditions too and also commuted from NYC for it, I don't regret it one bit! i can tell they are up and coming, one of the people I came with said it used to be your straight up community theater, this is only it's third year as an Eq theatre, but I can tell just from my grand audition experience they've grown a ton and only hope that trend continues! #jobsforeveryone! I'll continue to go to their auditions as long as I am able to commute physically and financially!

    04/13/2015  1:30pm
  • A dream environment    
    03/19/2015  2:06am

    Literally the most open, supportive theatre I've worked at. The work is insanely good. The process is wonderful. The people are great. It's a gem that everyone will know soon enough! Ed is simply the most giving, thoughtful director I've ever been around. He's a former professional actor and he gets it. He treats you with respect and he totally creates the perfect environment. Nobody there has an who issue and they make you feel 100% welcomed.

    *nobody there has an ego*

    03/19/2015  2:07am
  • Top notch experience all around! 01/20/2015  11:30am

    I really can't say enough positives. I'm thrilled to be the first to comment on the eagle theatre.
    The productions are excellent, the staff cares about the work more than any staff I've ever seen and a majority of the team are some of the best people I've been around. Talented, open and strive for perfection.
    They are now an AEA house and part of theatre Philadelphia (Barrymore awards).
    They pay non AEA performers a minimum of $150 per week now (not great money I know but not terrible). And they've grown drastically in two years. My friend did the first show of last season and it was a $600 stipend. Graduating to a weekly payment is great and I know they want to keep increasing rate of pay for performers. Great housing options too. The two guys that run it are terrific. Both talented and respectful to your needs. Most importantly, I can't say this enough, the work is true art. Enjoy working at the eagle! You'll thank me!

    I couldn't agree more.
    I worked on Into the Woods recently and it was just about a flawless experience. I've worked there once in the past as well and really the same result. They've grown since then and have tightened up a lot of procedures and practices. The thing with them is that they have grown so much in a short time and show no sign of stopping. It's an exciting theatre to work at and see a show. I'm not saying there isn't anything that could stand to be fixed or improved. Sure there are. But not even worth mentioning because you will find that stuff anywhere and they do so much right. From audition to closing, it's professional and they are courteous. Ed Corsi and Ted Wioncek and the people they've assembled are very talented and driven. Recommended very strongly!
    Ps. They serve wine at shows! ;)

    01/20/2015  12:50pm

    Agreed! I've worked at the Eagle as both an actor and choreographer and never had complaints. Ted and Ed are fantastic. It's amazing how quickly the theater has grown and continues to do so!

    01/20/2015  8:43pm

    Will they offer housing to non Union performers if needed?

    03/05/2015  6:57am

    Yes, they offer housing for union and non union! My friend is in a unit right now. Very nice place from what I understand. And they are just so accommodating and supportive. I am auditioning in April and this theatre is at the top of my list to get in.

    03/19/2015  2:00am