Gig&Tell: Carnival Entertainment (Cruise Ships)

  • Horible    
    12/26/2017  3:13pm

    ok good points:

    The shows are good and for dancers the pay is pretty good but thats as far as it gets.

    Bad points:

    They have a lot of little extra shit that they make you do, like a puppet show that is horrible and no one watches lip sync battle which is so embarassing to perform on stage #hotmess

    The shows are good but 4 weeks rehearsal to learn 5 full shows isnt really sufficient if you wan clean shows.

    The hierarchy is so weird too and as someone who has worked on a previous line it was AWFULLLLLLLL !!!

    you couldn't pay me to go back and work.

    too much extra work for no pay and then if someone goes out your expected to just learn all their shit and do their job !!!!


    Sang in one of the Rock Bands. Pay was EXCEPTIONALLY LOWER than the Playlist Performers to work MUCH MORE, and in worse conditions. There's a lot more flexibility with the rep, which is nice because you don't get as bored, and in my experience, the tech team bent over backwards to help with broken equipment/sound issues. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT TAKE A CONTRACT SINGING IN THE ROCK BAND ON A FANTASY CLASS VESSEL. Besides the fact that the entire ship is visibly dated (the living quarters doubly so, rusted/mold-eaten shower floors are only the beginning), mine had me singing/chatting with guests 5 hours a night in a SMOKING bar. It would get so bad that guests would leave because THEY couldn't handle the intensity of the smoke. I was told by medical to get over it or quit. It really fucked up my voice and my breathing in general, and I had to be on antihistamines for my entire contract in order to get through it (I considered quitting for my health several times, but I had sunk a lot of money into getting my medical done-- which by the way, they do not reimburse). Additionally, you may be asked to ALSO be in a mainstage/Playlist show without any additional pay for rehearsals or performances. So. There's that.

    My takeaway was, on a different, newer ship without all the smoke and with functioning equipment, I may have felt differently. The atmosphere of Carnival, while very disorganized on the shoreside level, was much more chill than the other cruise line I've worked for, which can be nice. And the food was actually a lot better for crew. And there was some sense of unity between the teams in the entertainment department, which was nice, and which I did not experience as much previously. But I think I would have always felt stiffed by the pay discrepancy between Playlist and Rock Band (because it was immense), considering how much more we were expected to perform, how much broader the expectations were for our versatility/amount of material, and the last-minute additional show as well. I may take another contract with them someday, but certainly not on that class of vessel for the sake of my health/wellbeing, and I certainly need time to think about it. Having previously been in a mainstage position on a rival cruise line, I wasn't impressed with how the Rock Band was treated, and I only hope that if I take a contract on another class of ship, I will be more impressed. If so, I will do another, more favorable review. Gotta be fair-- sometimes you just get a crappy ship.

    01/03/2018  6:33pm