Gig&Tell: Royal Caribbean Productions (Cruise)

  • Great way to save & travel. That's it!    
    11/08/2015  4:27pm

    If you get the chance to work for Royal Caribbean I would consider doing it! It's a great way to travel many parts of the world, and make GREAT money. The contracts are usually long also.
    I Got the opportunity to work on two of Royals smaller ships. As time goes by you soon notice that Royal cares nothing about the smaller ships. In regards to the Costumes, wigs, sound in the theatres, choreography, etc many things are out dated to say the least. Some shows haven't been updated since the late 90's! Most of the attention goes to the newer and larger ships so if you are offered one of those definitely consider it, Especially if you are a singer because they get their own rooms. Not the case on the smaller ships though.
    Many performers do it for many years and I understand why. The money is great and it's easy to save! Some are one and done and I understand that too.
    -3 stars because of the show quality which is the most important part right?

    I agree! With it all!

    09/07/2016  7:01pm
    10/27/2015  4:29pm

    Great show and good people in cast, but treated poorly and very mismanaged. Would never do again, unfortunately, but some good money. Also, no equity standards at all (i.e. dust everywhere, unsanitary at times, etc...). Good if just starting out, but, otherwise, not the best.