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Gig&Tell: Royal Caribbean Productions (Cruise)

  • good for money and a production show    
    09/06/2017  2:34pm

    Pros: GREAT money...completion bonuses and starting salary around 300 dollars a week higher than competitors. If you're offered a production show, you might get to work with the original teams.

    Cons: they buy your compliance. After working on other lines and ships, you're treated with relatively little respect as they find ways to stretch your contract; additional shows, last minute sanitizing duties, safety drills. Many departments are incompetent and if you raise your voice about HR or medical issues you are seen as needy or dramatic. In-contract privelages are constantly threatened.

    The company is VERY racially biased, casting a good majority of UK actors for American shows. This can create some frustration when you see people who know little about the story they're telling. American cast members are usually limited to the POC's (except for a few US caucasian leads).

    Ships and shoreside are stubborn when it comes to helping you out, actually saying "let's leave agents out of this".it is such a large corporation that they have lost touch with the inner workings of performers' needs and connections to land.

    They seem to be on a path of undercutting performers' pay, saving for their next class of shipsr The result is some very young and unprofessional cast members.

    Royal used to be the ones that had performers flocking, but I know many people who have left the company for other lines. Maybe the grass is always greener, but the lack of respect is real. They need to realize their stance in the entertainment world and adjust accordingly.


    Thanks for this useful info.
    I recently disembarked as a production singer on a very small cruiseline where I was used to hell. Insanely bad sound equipment and a stage manager who had no idea what he was doing according to sound and lights. We had feedback all the time.
    Not to start with all the additional duties and the super small shared cabin.

    I'm going to do the open call audition in London for we will rock you.
    Do you know how the hiring process goes and if they already made their choice before even going there? ( I saw they have a special day of appointment auditions).
    I have to come all the way from the Netherlands so I am wondering if it is worth it.
    How is the pay roughly and do you know how many times a week you would have to perform? Do you get a solo cabin and guest priveledge?
    ( Also, sorry for making mistakes in English, I'm still learning:-))

    Thanks for the answer..

    09/18/2017  6:13am

    Pay starts at 6000 a week for principles, around 4000 for ensemble . You will get your own's sounds better than your experence, for sure haha.

    They already probably have A LOT of people they are considering for the next cast, either returning or new people who are signed with their tight group of UK agents.

    Was there a way to send a video to Robert kling, head of vocalist casting, or JP morgan, head of dance casting? It may be more worth it to send a preliminary video if you don't have an appointment and see if they view it. But the line in UK will be around the block.

    Unless you feel you are prefect for a role and can give enough in the room!

    09/19/2017  4:41pm

    Sorry, JP christiansen*

    09/19/2017  4:42pm

    whoa whoa whoa haaaang on...
    six THOUSAND a week for principals? four THOUSAND a week for ensemble?
    Not dollars, surely...
    That's a flat out lie, if so...

    10/04/2017  3:38pm

    Yeah that was wrong, haha. Sorry! 6000 a MONTH. Not week. Month. Yeah, at that rate, do whatever you want to me, I wouldnt care!

    10/07/2017  6:27pm

    Hi friends. I had an audition and callback (on RCC) for Hairspray. Callback was a week ago in NYC. Any idea how long they typically (or with you) take between callback and offer? Thanks!!

    11/04/2017  10:40am

    Does anyone know if they let you sign people on for cruises? I worked for Disney cruise line and they let you sign people on to the ship for free.

    01/10/2018  8:42pm
  • Served its purpose    
    06/13/2017  8:45pm

    I worked for Royal Caribbean as a dancer for 2 years. While it was great to travel and see the world, there is a lot of extra work that you are doing that has nothing to do with being hired as a dancer. There was a point where I performed only 4 times in a month which was hard for me to deal with as dance is what I have trained my whole life to do. There is a lot of emphasis on the newer shows and ships. The older ones are very out dated, the costumes are in awful condition, and there are constantly things that need to be fixed in crew areas. Casting is also very hard to get a hold of and often times will not respond to your emails as promised. If you get a newer ship and show I would say that it's worth a try. If not, consider other options.

  • Great way to save & travel. That's it!    
    11/08/2015  4:27pm

    If you get the chance to work for Royal Caribbean I would consider doing it! It's a great way to travel many parts of the world, and make GREAT money. The contracts are usually long also.
    I Got the opportunity to work on two of Royals smaller ships. As time goes by you soon notice that Royal cares nothing about the smaller ships. In regards to the Costumes, wigs, sound in the theatres, choreography, etc many things are out dated to say the least. Some shows haven't been updated since the late 90's! Most of the attention goes to the newer and larger ships so if you are offered one of those definitely consider it, Especially if you are a singer because they get their own rooms. Not the case on the smaller ships though.
    Many performers do it for many years and I understand why. The money is great and it's easy to save! Some are one and done and I understand that too.
    -3 stars because of the show quality which is the most important part right?

    I agree! With it all!

    09/07/2016  7:01pm
    10/27/2015  4:29pm

    Great show and good people in cast, but treated poorly and very mismanaged. Would never do again, unfortunately, but some good money. Also, no equity standards at all (i.e. dust everywhere, unsanitary at times, etc...). Good if just starting out, but, otherwise, not the best.