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Gig&Tell: Princess Cruises

  • Creme de la creme for singers    
    02/27/2018  8:13pm

    I have worked for a few different lines, and I always come back to Princess. If you are a singer, this is probably the best cruise line as far as pay, accommodation, and privileges are concerned. Your own cabin, double bed, portholes, use of a discount sign-on program for a guest. Passenger privileges, no name tag, no crew duties, no safety duties (apart from attending one crew drill a month where you just go to your muster station). Minimal tech runs. They've also implemented in-ear monitors on most, if not all, ships.... which I grew to LOVE on my most recent contract. We are still considered guest entertainers, but are now required to get medicals prior to rehearsal... but that is a good thing, as it now means we are covered medically, which we didn't use to be. And the show quality is constantly improving... the Schwartz shows are great, but so are the gorgeous classical crossover shows they've been premiering. I did the newest one on my last contract, and it got full standing ovations nearly every single show. Gorgeous, gorgeous singer-heavy show.
    Are there cons? Yes. No more room service, no more discounts on alcohol in passenger areas (but there are tons of options in the crew bar, PLUS you can purchase liquor through the ships' cambusa). The usual ship life cons exist, obviously... but you know what you're getting into if you've accepted a contract.
    They also offer triple contracts, meaning you sign a contract for three ships in a row with the same cast, with scheduled vacation time and a sweet completion bonus... if you know you're going to do a couple contracts, it's worth it.
    I do agree that, if you are a dancer, there are probably better companies for you... Princess has been adding things here and there to the dancers' workload that may not teeeeechnically be duties, but.... they are. But they haven't raised the dancer pay to a competitive place in a really long time.

    Bottom line, every company has it's strengths and weaknesses, but, as a singer, I love Princess.

  • Best Contract/Pay for singers on a ship    
    01/03/2017  5:10am

    Princess is a great company to work with as a vocalist, officer cabin, two port holes, can eat anywhere, amazing bay,yes its a 4 digit pay it.

    As a dancer, you get none of these. Only take the job if the shows you're doing are Schwartz's. if not, it's not really worth the bs you have to put up with.

    01/11/2017  7:12pm