Gig&Tell: Farmers Alley Theatre

  • very good very friendly    
    10/14/2015  5:48pm

    Family and Friend ran theatre so they care about the professionalism and spirit of good live theatre. Small space - but excellent set designers and lighting designers give it a real fine quality feeling. Pretty responsive audiences and a friendly supportive talented creative team. The equity apartment above the theatre is so convenient and well maintained and Kalamazoo is a fun little city worth eating and drinking in. Hopefully they build their name and their credentials and can expand the size of their theatre company so they can continue bringing quality theatre to Michigan.

    I've done 3 shows at this theatre and had a wonderful experience each time. They hire a lot of local to fill out the casts, and help a lot of non-union actors get their EMC cards. The quality of work here is incredible and they hire a lot of legit directors from all over the country so you make great connections!

    The apartment they have above the theatre is really well furnished and taken care of. And they have a company car for actors to use.

    Kalamazoo is a great town with an incredible beer scene (you know if you're a beer snob like me), and you'll work with a lot of very talented students from WMU as well as local actors.

    I will gladly go back and will continue to submit for this theatre.

    03/07/2017  5:19pm