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Gig&Tell: Virginia Musical Theatre

  • I would go back!    
    11/19/2014  5:29pm

    Great leads, enthusiastic locals, excellent orchestra, modern theater (more like a touring house), slightly below average set. They didn't use their full tech time allotted by Equity and it showed, but nothing dangerous, just not as good as it could have been.

    Really great life while you're there: no morning rehearsals, own room and bathroom with a shared kitchen and living room, plenty of good food options near the theater, and they provide a rental car that you only have to share with one other person. It's also a pretty quick turnaround (three weeks) which is nice.

    Glad to see it's up here finally! I def agree with the OP, pretty much spot on. That AMAZEBALLS, therefore I really wish they would put it to better use, but to my knowledge finances just don't seem to allow it, but it's a gorgeous space with amazing backstage to match. Most ensemble are locals, but if you consider your self professional in any sense, you'll get paid, and it's a stipend, not that highest but not the lowest stipend either, but again that's if you're a local 'pro'. I'm not sure what the pay is for the out of towners they bring in,eq or non-eq. They don't bring in a lot of non-locals, they used to so I've been told, but I digress, if you are being brought in for a lead here, I'd say take it. It's a pretty short gig, three weeks at the most, thought my first show with them was four. Now I don't mean this condescendingly at all, but a good chunk of the cast besides locals are the 'high schoolers' that are part of GSA that is attached to this company. I'm finding a lot of pro theaters have a high school performing arts program/school attached to them, but these kids are super talented and probably even more enthusiastic than I was! Some may have an issue with this, but if you do I'd say you're crazy. I love them, and they kept me in check as to why I chose to do this in the first place :)

    12/01/2014  2:07pm

    It is an amazing little gig! Only a month long and has fantastic benefits and accommodations! I hope they do more with the sets and stuff too! But my experience was absolutely wonderful!

    09/07/2016  6:56pm

    I've worked there multiple times in different aspects. Everything the previous posts are very true, great gig, but keep in mind that each show varies so some of the things in the original posts don't hold true as far as using all local ensemble, etc. recent shows had 13-14 out of towners in principal roles as well as ensemble. And the accommodations can vary as well. All still good but the single room and sharing a car with only one person doesn't always hold true.

    03/25/2017  1:10pm

    I didn;t leave a rating

    03/25/2017  1:12pm

    My experience here was excellent. As an out of towner, Equity or no, you are treated like a guest star. Rental car for every 2-3 people. One bedroom hotel suite ON THE BEACH. A three-week commitment with rehearsals starting largely after 3-5pm.
    A brand new, gorgeous theatre that is basically sold out for your grueling four performance run. A hired-in 25-or-so-piece orchestra, many of them pros.
    Full pay through rehearsals, for those who worry about that.
    Great support from the community, and a great opening night party that can be VERY fancy.
    Do it.

    01/09/2018  12:27pm

    I've done 2 shows here. Rental car, bedroom hotel suite ON THE BEACH which I walked every morning like a folgers commercial. A three-week commitment with rehearsal in the evening. Brand new, gorgeous theatre you won't believe until you perform on. Amazing orchestra. Hardly any cons, if you get hired GO! Virginia Beack is a dream.

    09/10/2018  9:00pm