Gig&Tell: Lexington Children's Theatre

  • Regional vs. Tour    
    10/23/2017  10:14pm

    You get paid roughly the same working the "regional" in-house shows as you do on the "tour" contract. Regional is like 2 shows in the morning, and then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. Tour is waking up as early as 5 AM, driving, set up, do show, tear down, etc. You do your own laundry on the road.

    The sales dept is not particularly considerate of actors' health/sanity/lack of understudies when they set up performances at schools. Read your contract carefully when it mentions your days off.

    They also were not very considerate about turnaround time. So you would finish one tour day getting back to your home at 7 pm and have a 5 am call the following morning. (Keep in mind someone has to stay up to do the daily laundry.)

    Housing is pretty great, and the townhouses are within walking distance. You share a room and a bathroom with 1 person. You share a kitchen and washer/dryer with 5 other people.

    I would say do tour if you LOVE TYA and do regional if you like TYA and need some cash.