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Gig&Tell: PCPA Theatrefest

  • A place with awesome energy    
    01/15/2015  6:15pm

    So, I have worked here both as a non-union and a union artist. Both experiences were super awesome but totally different. Some blanket statements for both:

    This is a theatre company that is attached to a conservatory training program. Often the students make up a large part of the ensembles and supporting roles. Because its a training ground, they are all super invested in the work. My friend did Oklahoma there and was floored by the fact that they actually did table work. The rehearsal process is long, usually 5-6 weeks... which is a luxury and somewhat painstaking. The work is always solid, and the reverence for the process is unmatched. They have a resident company that teaches for the conservatory and acts in the shows, so during the year they rarely higher from outside. But, the summers usually have a few slots to fill. The area itself is pretty awesome. Not the actual town the theatre is in, per say, but you're a 15-20 minute drive from some of the most gorgeous beaches and hikes CA has to offer and also close enough to LA and SF to getaway to something more metropolitan when needed.

    Nonunion- The pay is pretty low (about 250-400 a week), and they can't always provide housing. For my friend that worked there they found him a housing option so maybe thats changed... But, when I worked there non-union, I was on my own. However, they did help me find affordable housing that worked with in my budget at 300 bucks a month. If you don't have a car, this job can be challenging as grocery stores and the like are a bit spread through the town. But, those who have cars were extremely generous while I was there. It is, however, a totally fun an worthwhile experience.

    Union- This is a pretty great gig. The pay is mid-range somewhere between 610-700 bucks a week. They provided me with a car and great housing. They also gave me a key to their entire building so I could use empty rehearsal spaces whenever I wanted. They also encouraged me to take a position of mentoring the students too... Which isn't required, but something I really enjoyed.

    Over all, I never broke the bank, but I would go back in a heartbeat. And I would give them 5/5 stars if it wasn't for the non-union housing issue.

    Oh yeah, they do provide EMC points for non-eq. And because the rehearsals and runs are usually kind of lengthy you get a decent amount of weeks. Usually 9-13

    01/15/2015  6:18pm