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Gig&Tell: Jon W. Engeman Theater

  • Loving it!    
    04/02/2017  8:49pm

    Currently doing Madagascar at Engeman. It's my first time at an Equity House, so I will admit that working with a professional theatre for the first time may have me a little starry-eyed, especially since the last show I did was a total train wreck in terms of professionalism and etiquette, but I am loving the experience! Everyone is professional, but doesn't take themselves too seriously and are so nice. The rehearsal process was fast and furious, two weeks and tech week, playful and extremely productive.The theater is gorgeous. I'm having loads of fun. The commute is long (a little under an hour by car with good traffic) and the pay isn't stellar, but for me it was more about the opportunity and the connection! I immensely hope to work here again, sooner rather than later.

    when you mention the pay is "not stellar" what kind of pay are we talking? if you dont mind my asking. Even a range would be nice to know if you don't feel comfortable giving a contract price. thanks!

    11/06/2017  1:50pm
    08/14/2015  4:30pm

    It's John, just a heads up!

    GREAT place to work. Staff is awesome, quality amazing (at least with Igor Goldin directing, which is the experience I had), and the commuting to and from works out well. You get to live in New York but still do a professional show. The town is adorable, too. The audiences are lovely. Just great all around.

    I agree!!!! I was in The Producers last year and it was a great experience. The staff is wonderful and they have a great company manager, Beth. She takes care of everyone. Getting to Penn Station was the worst of the commute. Once on the LIRR, it seemed relaxing and was about 50 minutes. After the show, every night, they bus the cast back to the city. So you get to live at home, have Monday and Tuesday off, and do a great show in a great little town. I would work there again in a heart beat. Take the job if you get it.

    02/10/2016  10:42am

    The commute was TERRIBLE! The pay was not great for union actors.

    11/27/2016  3:38pm

    The commute will kill you particularly if the theatre adds Tuesday shows if the show is selling well meaning you only have one day off away from the commute. There were alot of issues with late shows or interrupted shows due to sound, lights and a fire on one occasion. Yes a fire. We once held the show curtain for over an hour putting our commute arrival time close to 1 am. On another occasion there was no plumbing (i.e. toilets) for one show.

    03/15/2017  3:00pm