Gig&Tell: The Wick

  • Marilynn Wick    
    02/22/2018  1:53am

    I agree Marilynn is a criminal. She will screw over actors at any moment. Do not work for this woman. Do not audition for them. It’s really bad.

    This is, once again, going to require non-union members to "become their own union" and use their power of the word "no more" and "never again" for REAL...

    ...and for AEA performers to stop capitulating, start reporting, and accrue their insurance weeks elsewhere, where they are respected.

    Every performer that rolls over and plays "it's not THAT bad..." or "it is what you make of it, you guys..."
    may be undermining the improvement of the situation for a dozen other actors down the road.

    02/25/2018  9:27pm
  • Absolute Nightmare 02/22/2018  12:29am

    This theatre is a nightmare. They are so unorganized. Marilynn has no idea how actors should be treated. They treat creative teams horribly. There’s no company management. They will screw over actors at any moment. It’s really bad. Marilynn is a professional bridge burner.

    Can we get some concrete examples please? Not that I don't believe you, it's just people keep saying she's horrible but don't give any examples.
    I've worked for a "terrible" director and theatre before that tried to take advantage of actors, but im a grown ass adult and didn't stand for it. So I ended up having a great contract, and just was extra on top of my side of things so i got what I needed. Could the Wick be a case where that can be applied?

    02/22/2018  8:06am

    When they did Hello Dolly she hired an entire orchestra and then fired them all at the last minute with no notice because she decided she wanted to use tracks. She didn’t care about those people’s jobs or livelihood.

    02/22/2018  11:43am

    She treats actors like pawns and lets them know how replaceable they are. I know someone that has worked in her creative side and said she has dinner parties and says nasty things about actors to everyone.

    02/22/2018  11:51am

    I agree Marilynn isn’t always the kindest however she’s weirdly generous in other ways, the production value and talent is top notch and I’d like to think she’s learning. They need more people on staff but it’s also a new theater. It’s not a perfect place to work but it’s not as horrendous as people say. Communication is HIGHLY lacking and there’s definitely favoritism when it comes to casting casting locals. I would work here again though.

    02/22/2018  3:12pm

    Marilyn attempted to pay the union actors (who had all negotiated above minimum salary) on two different checks - one for the minimum SPT salary from the theatre, and one personal check for the difference. Highly illegal, since the personal checks wouldn't count towards aea dues, pensions, unemployment insurance, etc. The Wick did not have their contracts from AEA until well after rehearsals began, claiming that they kept "forgetting them" back at the office. Some of the negotiated stipulations of my contract were not honored until my agent literally threatened to fly me home. They would not release my tax documents until I got the union involved. I've seen them hire people, then rescind offers, then offer them again when people quit. I was the deputy on this contract and had to call multiple times during and after my contract. Please please, do not work at this theatre. Have respect for yourself as actors, something that does not exists at this theatre.

    02/22/2018  5:07pm

    Marilynn housed some non equity actors 30 minutes from the theatre, provided one car for 4 actors to share. Then she refused to pay for gas. The actors ended up paying hundreds of dollars on gas out of an already small non union salary. She claimed it was more than generous that she even offered a form of transportation. Even though the housing was in the ghetto of a different city.

    02/22/2018  6:40pm

    I did a show here, and most people didn’t know if they were doing the show or not until the day before because no one reached out to the actors with any information. We all had to buy our own airline tickets, and most people had no idea who was picking them up from the airport or if they were just going to be stranded in Fort Lauderdale.

    02/22/2018  6:50pm

    I have watched them roll back offers on some very nice people in a most cruel fashion. I would not let my dog work for someone of such dubious ethics.

    02/22/2018  7:03pm

    My friend was offered an upcoming show and the offer was rescinded in a horrible manner as well. They were strung along for months.

    02/22/2018  7:42pm

    This is all interesting. Had a friend who worked on the creative side. They no longer have anything to do with the theatre. Said Marilynn would have them over for dinner parties and would say nasty mean gossip about actors.

    02/22/2018  7:47pm

    Horrible treatment of actors.

    02/23/2018  9:17am

    I had several packages sent to the theatre from my family when I worked her and received my personal packages opened by management. They had opened and gone through them. Not only did I feel violated, the employee made a judgmental comment about what my family sent me. I asked why the packages were open and they claimed they thought they were for them. What part of my name on the label made them think it was for them? Really shady.

    02/23/2018  4:38pm

    That is shady.

    02/23/2018  9:15pm
  • It's really not that bad.    
    02/22/2018  7:13pm

    These reviews are making Marilynn Wick out to be a total villain. While she isn't the most professional and definitely has her favorites, she's not evil. As another reviewer said below, she's actually quite generous in her own random ways (like taking out the entire cast/crew to an expensive dinner, bowling nights, gifts for holidays and opening nights, etc.) and was able to be coerced into giving more money for gas and such on certain occasions.

    The pay was pretty decent for the Non-Eq actors. The theatre has had some issues with keeping to all Equity rules, but they're still a new theatre and figuring out how to run their theatre professionally.

    The communication at this theatre is CERTAINLY lacking and there's no argument about that. You will get the info you need but be prepared to bug them repeatedly about it.

    The housing for the cast was quite comfortable. Equity actors in very nice housing right down the road from the theatre, while Non-Equity was split into multiple houses. Some were bigger than others and the locations varied. But, no complaints overall. Could've used another car, but made it work. There were absolutely no issues with the housing or with the cars themselves, issues only came up when they were created by the cast members themselves.

    The crew on the production I worked on was wonderful. Small, but mighty. The backstage crew in particular was kind and always on top of things.

    There are definitely some issues that need to be worked on at this theatre, but I would work there again if offered the right contract.

    Not sure which show you were doing but she wouldn’t give us any gas money. Yes she offered gifts but didn’t give us the things we actually needed, like the gas.

    02/22/2018  7:39pm

    A friend of mine worked here and said Marilyn forces actors to perform in post show cabarets so she can make more money via the bar. Several times the pianist were not able to play anyone’s sheet music, but they were still expected to perform. I was also told that the incentive to perform was a free drink from the bar, and at some point during their run, she took that part away.

    02/23/2018  3:40pm

    ^^^ not true. The cabaret was 150% optional. Maybe this is new, but as of now it is an optional event that's actually really fun.

    02/23/2018  6:24pm

    It was in our contracts.

    02/23/2018  7:08pm

    Mine too but no one ever forced us to sing. It was voluntary, drink tickets were given to all regardless of if you sang or not. Some people sang every week, others never sang.

    02/23/2018  7:29pm
  • The Wick 02/23/2018  3:19pm

    On the last show at The Wick, some non equity actors were house 30 minutes from the theatre in a tiny house. 4 adults with two small bedrooms (that had 2 twin beds each) and one bathroom. Adults should not be expected to share bedrooms and have zero privacy. One bathroom is not enough for 4 adults.

    No one was told they were sharing rooms until the day they arrived to the housing. Not one person knew. The beds were less that two feet from each other.

    02/23/2018  3:21pm
  • Good place to work 02/07/2018  8:45pm

    I have done four shows with them. They did a beautiful job renovating the space from the old Caldwell Thateare. It's beautiful and upgraded and modern. big dressing rooms. A beautiful costume museum. Tech is quite good especially costumes. The Wick family began their theatrical business in costuming.

    Non so pay was ok. Competitive with the area. I got a little extra for understudying. Talent is high caliber. They put on very strong productions of traditional music theatre. Audiences are large but, as they are in all of South Florida, very old.

    I never stayed in housing but I've seen one townhouse and it was nice. Leads often get housed luxuriously in the producers house...for better or worse.

    The producer, Marilyn Wick, is quite the character. She is a self made business woman. I understand working here as free or staff can be tough but I never had a problem as an actor.

    I recommend working here.

    Caldwell theatre*

    Non eq pay is ok*

    Crew or staff is tough*

    02/07/2018  8:47pm

    *Sometimes people have learning disabilities and have trouble typing, you ridiculous tool.

    02/22/2018  7:05pm