Gig&Tell: Dream Theatre Productions

  • Never had any issues    
    02/18/2018  7:43pm

    It’s a great company and this is their first season so they’re feeling things out. It’s going LOA in the fall so that’s good. The other review here had a lot to say about things but when you have written permission from original choreographers, of whom the director worked with, you’re in the clear. It’s basically for young people to be able to work alongside seasoned talent but also be able to make connections. Next season you’ll be able to get points on top of payment. This first season is just for show. The theater world is caty. If you’re a crappy cast member, they’ll make sure other people know about. Other than that I’d work there again! If you care about your craft, make good connections.


    02/18/2018  9:20pm
  • Run. Fast. Keep running. Don’t look back.    
    02/12/2018  11:07pm

    Just plain awful. They dare to call themselves a professional company but no one except the equity guest artist contracts are paid. But so not worry - the artistic director/director will always make sure you know how much money they spent on props, set, costume, sound, etc. It happens so often that it was actually a joke amongst the cast. Don’t tell actors that your sound is costing $5,000 and the show is $100,000 but you aren’t giving your non eq, professional performers, even $100. The guy who runs the company is not to be trusted, talks about the actors to other actors, makes threats, but simultaneously allows people to come and go as they please. Rehearsals are 4 nights a week plus full day Saturday. They are allegedly becoming an SPT or some other kind of professional theater that can give points and pay but who knows when that will be. Also, it is illegal to watch a youtube of the original show on broadway and then just do all that exact staging and choreography.

    Hi! I was in the cast with whoever this person is. But if this is who I think it is, which it probs is, the only threat that was made was towards her. It was Legally Blonde, she was playing Serena and they threatened to kick her out of the show and replace her with the understudy because she tried to get out of a TECH REHEARSAL during TECH WEEK after we all signed attendance policies that stated all of our conflicts. She even stated her job was more important than anybody else’s even though everyone took off work to be there for tech. She literally caused an entire debacle that required the board to have a discussion about what to do with her. This review is bullshit. They’re great people. Just don’t be an ass. Jerks don’t work.

    Although the money thing is true. That was hysterical but we all understood why we couldn’t get paid this season. It is the first season that they are doing as a brand new theater company so they basically just need to create a history. We all KNEW that this was a volunteer thing going into it. Something to show the banks and donors so that they’ll give more money for next season. So that ALL the actors can be points and paid.

    Take this salty person with a grain of salt. Personally I like to make my own opinions about companies. Also the director knows literally everyone and gave me KILLER recommendations for gigs.

    02/18/2018  9:18pm