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Gig&Tell: The Palace Theatre (The Dells)

    09/21/2018  3:00pm

    Met nice people here but management is not good. The place has potential if they put a decent production team together and hire some people in group sales and marketing. Actor checks bounced.

    02/15/2018  9:27pm

    So I worked here when they had just recently opened. Everything was great at first- the theatre was beautiful, the sets were great for all the shows, the talent was top notch. But once we got into the run of the shows, things started going downhill. Checks started bouncing, the company manager was TERRIBLE at her job, and the houses were never sold out. I have high hopes for this theatre, but from what Ive heard, they have just gone downhill since I worked for them. It had so much potential :/

    I worked there recently. I always summarize it as, "Great cast, good show, horrible management".

    Housing was dorming style in a housing complex. 2 to a room. The kitchen was a separate room, communal. If you wanted to go to the kitchen, you had to go outside. We complained multiple times about the ants in our rooms. We were in an environment where we were living woth other people we didn't know. One guy seemed a bit unstable and bragged about stealing and selling drugs. Cast members were not allowed to have guests in the rooms on Thanksgiving Day, even though we were supposed to exempt from that rule because we were not students. Thankfully (and hopefully) housing will never occur there again and actors will have apartments for housing.

    The company van had no heat and couldn't take everyone in one go, which came back to bite us in the ass when 2 hours after closing, we're driving from the Dells to the Milwaukee Airport at 11, 12 at night for our flights home early next morning. Thankfully other cast members had cars and offered rides to and from the theater. Some songs were barely practiced/staged because we didn't have the proper tracks for it. The costumers showed up the day before opening and never showed up again. We ran costumes in a put in rehearsal 9am right before opening at 1pm. The house sits around 700. I don't think we ever broke 400. We had a decent amount of nights under 100. We opened 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and closed 4 days after Christmas. They spent so much on advertising for their summer show and never paid the bill, so they couldn't properly advertise their current show. Oh: it's a dinner theater and if you wanted food, you needed to tell the kitchen 12 hours in advance (?) and pay $8.

    Once the run started, things were more or less good. The show itself was good.We got discounts at certain restaurants for being employees of Wisconsin. It was my first contract that was significantly out of state (NY being my home). Stagecrew is composed of some awesome, heartfelt guys. The SM is such a sweetheart, but all the power really belongs to the owner because he has all the money.

    There was even more crap with how flights were dealt with and more housing crap. My cast was kind of guinea pigs. Future casts probably have a better minimum standard of living. Pay is decent for non-eq. It would take A LOT for me to work here again. On one hand, work is work, but on the other, the main owner of the theater is just interested in money. I don't think he ever even saw the show. He was mostly out or contact, which must have been very convenient for him. I've been told by crew that since then, the other co-owners came in and started fixing things, furious at the co-owner who was currently handling things.

    I'm definitely still missing things that happened, but this was my experience ending 2017. Things might be better. I wouldn't be suprised if they were more or less the same. Proceed with caution.

    02/15/2018  10:14pm