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Gig&Tell: Pines Dinner Theatre

  • Just dont    
    08/08/2018  10:27pm

    This can pay decent. ($50 per performance) Is it worth it? Well..
    - You will be holding a baby when you’re not on stage for the aging directors wife while she continues to play the lead engenue that she’s 20+ years too old for
    -rats on your bed
    -heroin addicts everywhere: they don’t allow girls to walk home alone at night but won’t arrange transportation for you
    - you are housed above a plumbing garage with no a/c, fourth story. If you install a window unit you will be charged $25 weekly out of your paycheck. Only one window that’s probably 1 sq foot in the complex. Two “bedrooms” at most 6 people living there, the least 4.
    - you are housed in the literal ghetto- a brothel got busted on the same block as the housing

    I've worked on several shows for this company. I think they are great people. Fun to work with and easy-going. Never had a problem. I find them to be fair and considerate. If they have changed their name it hasn't been in the last 9 years. I've always known them as Pines. Nobody's perfect but I have always enjoyed my work at this theatre.

    08/18/2018  12:17am

    Must be a local hire

    08/18/2018  11:36pm
  • Avoid avoid avoid! 08/05/2018  2:58pm

    Beware. They’re crazy. I did a show here and we had no script and only two songs on the first day of rehearsal. They changed the theater name a while ago to throw people off the track. Horrible. Disrespectful. Do not work here.

    What was their original name?

    08/06/2018  12:36pm

    Did anyone accept a job from The Marvelous Wonderettes at this company?

    08/08/2018  6:53pm

    Also known as western star productions

    08/08/2018  10:08pm

    I’m also curious about this... they don’t audition they just offer you a contract based on reel? 🤷‍♀️ Just curious...

    08/11/2018  7:24am

    The owners wife is one of the Wonderettes....

    08/14/2018  3:28pm