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Gig&Tell: Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts

    08/30/2018  2:43pm

    I have a feeling I know who the two other reviewers are...this was seriously the most amazing summer of my life! Amazing people, amazing theatre and the community of Pagosa Springs is so supportive! Colorado is also a super cool state! I don't have enough good things to say except, if you're offered a contract, TAKE IT. You won't regret it! Especially for summer stock, the quality of the shows and your experience will be unmatched. Please ignore the other two reviewers above...a lot of us who've worked here probably know who they are. Last thing...Tim Moore is an AMAZING human, and super genuine. One of the best artistic directors I've ever come across. I'm sorry to the two above that didn't have a good experience, but if you're looking for a professional experience with a dash of family thrown in, this is the place!

    MY NAME IS HALLEY DAIGLE and I have no problem vouching for this theatre NOT ANONYMOUSLY.

    ALSO as a 2018 company member, I have a feeling two very jaded people wrote those posts that had no experience in non union work Speaking as an actor who has worked more than one gig-don’t pass this gig up.

    Tim and Laura Moore run a theatre in the most stunning area of Colorado. You are housed in a gorgeous HGTV like mega house that’s brand new. They give 2 company cars, and patrons donate all the supplies you would need for the house, including spices, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies.

    Rep is hard, and Tim tells you that in the audition room. He sat us down explaining the feel of the theatre, and didn’t hesitate to mention that some moments weren’t glamorous. But honestly, besides change over - you aren’t doing dinner theatre or costumes, cleaning, or something’s a family, it’s long hours, but ultimately once the shows are up you are free to enjoy.

    Directors and choreographer are hired in. Multiple directors and one choreographer for the summer, so you have some diversity there.

    Patrons of the theatre adore you and treat you to dinners, parties, events. They are so generous and happy to have the community enriched with the theatre, it’s not unusual for them to buy your groceries or food while out anonymously just to say thank you.

    It’s great pay for nonunion, includes travel stipend, housing, gym. These people appreciate you. Audiences return 4-5 times because they can, the area is so cool. So much hiking, breweries, good food.

    We got schedules of rehearsal and performances 2mths before we began. So if people had problem with signed on to the,...and they weren’t that bad. Once’s rep

    If there were moments without clarity it was due to serious personal health conditions of the artistic director . And they made it very clear that it would never happen again.

    Contact me personally if you are on the fence about this place. The company does everything they can to help you, I would absolutely go back.

    09/10/2018  11:47pm
  • One of the WORST summers of my life    
    08/28/2018  12:16am

    I am SO glad someone finally posted about this place. I'm a 2018 company member and this place is AWFUL.

    I can agree with EVERYTHING the first poster said. This place is super unprofessional and cliquey. The returning actors are awful humans. The black guy actor (not going to say his name on here...) is a despicable human. I don't know if the above poster is referring to the same person, but this guy is a returner and is UNBELIEVABLE. He shows up drunk to a bunch of shows, does NOT respect the people who tell him what to do, and he will talk mad trash about other actors to patrons and Tim and Laura Moore (artistic directors) just because he doesn't like them. The worst part is, these people ACTUALLY listen to him because he is good at shmoozing with them.

    This is the type of theatre that is willing to hire, and then rehire horrible people like that. People who are petty, unprofessional and don't actually know how to work together as a team. Tim Moore CLAIMS he tries to hire good people, but then turns around and rehires entitled, fake people like THAT. People who are willing to tear down others for their own benefit (aka another contract).

    Don't EVEN get me started on what it's like to actually work here. Again, the first poster is spot on! It's SUPER dangerous to work here, and the amount of injuries this season has been out of control! They even forced one of our leads to do a show while he had strep because they DON'T do understudies. Another one got fired early in the summer because he was trying to express how dangerous some of the conditions were to Laura Moore. Instead of listening, they just brought him a plane ticket home and hired another dude out of NYC to fly out the same day...

    I think the show quality is actually really good, but the people you end up working with are children and make you feel like you're back in school again with all the cliqueness and back stabbing. Some of the worst kinds of people are some of the patrons most favorite people...that obviously means their shmooze level is HIGH while their human quality level is low...Unless you want to work with actors like this, and work for an artistic team that does NOT care about your safety, do NOT work here. You've been warned...

    I'm not a 2018 company member. I was there over 5 years ago and it wasn't that bad then. It's a shame that it seems to be getting worse...

    I will mention one thing that disappoints me because it's 2018...Their West Side Story is SUPER RACIST. They have one mexican girl in the Shark side...the rest are freaking white or another non-puerto rican color. The worst part is, the Anita is white too. It's never the actors fault in these cases, but dang I'm disappointed in Tim Moore.

    This theatre SERIOUSLY needs to work on casting more people of color. This is coming from a former white male company member who was in an all white company during my year there...There are white Anita's and Maria's all the time, but that doesn't mean that's okay!

    Also, the racist Krupke in this production is black...Again, all for casting people of color, but pick shows where race doesn't matter and cast them, not shows where race is the freaking story! Come on 2018, no excuses...Sorry, rant over...

    08/28/2018  12:51am
  • This was a HORRIBLE and UNPROFESSIONAL experience 08/27/2018  11:27pm

    I'm here because I want to post a warning about this place. They are SUPER unprofessional. The show quality is college level at best and it's also a dangerous work environment.

    SO many people got injured during my time there due to unsafe working conditions, overworking, rehearsing outside on the concrete etc...This place is also super cliquey and petty. The actors, especially the returning actors, are incredibly entitled and completely disrespect the stage managers and anyone else who has authority over them.

    And the artistic director, Tim Moore, claims that he tries to hire good people when really, these actors are straight up mean. A lot of them will do anything to hurt and divide other actors in the company they do not like. One of the returning actors even threatened to recommend to Tim not to rehire certain people just because he doesn't like them. And Tim will listen too because he doesn't know how to judge that on his own.

    There's even someone in the company that got fired at the beginning of the summer just because he was trying to advocate on behalf of all of us how unsafe the working conditions were.

    This place is a disaster overall. Do not work here if you respect yourself. Even if you lack credits, being subjected to the treatment and quality of people is not worth the stress. As an actor, I can almost guarantee you are worth more then this dump.

    This theatre will go no where until Tim Moore learns that casting and rehiring people who are willing to hurt other company members for their own benefit and casting people who think they are above the rules will continue to give this theatre a mediocre and unprofessional rep.