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Gig&Tell: Derby Dinner Playhouse

  • Really Good    
    03/11/2018  3:17pm

    Pretty great gig for non-union... the housing is literally next to the theatre and next to or 2 houses down from the rehearsal studio, which is a nice space. The housing is decent, I was in the bigger house and had my own room with a double bed and shared a bathroom with one person. When I was there, you were also allowed to eat from the buffet for free, which was nice, and saved me some money. It's in the round, which is interesting, as sometimes if it's a full house, you may trip over some patrons if they didn't listen to the pre-show announcement. But, overall, I really liked working here. The production value was good, live music for both shows I did, terrific time management, good costumes... I would work here again. You're also just across the bridge from downtown Louisville and some amazing activities, bars, and dining. There are lots of locals who work at the theatre often who can show you the town.
    There is a laundromat in walking distance, but groceries and other shops are kind of far.. I had a car at the time and played chauffeur a lot (which I didn't mind), but you'll wanna make friends with a car owner.
    Pay is decent, especially for nonunion (compared to what I see offered a lot lately... woof). Do it! :)