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Gig&Tell: Slow Burn Theatre Company at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts

  • Avoid.    
    08/01/2018  9:08am


    The only thing professional about this company is the production value and they’re usually pretty good about equity breaks.
    The Artistic Director (who directs and choreographs everything in their season) is a nightmare; underprepared, disrespectful, and constantly negative. He requires everyone to perform full-out at all times during rehearsal, no marking, ever. He calls everyone to every rehearsal and makes everyone stay in the room, for choreography and for scene work/blocking. At times, learning just eight 8-counts of dance takes two hours for him to teach. He tries to be buddy-buddy with the cast, but he always talks about how talented HE is and how great HIS company is and how WE should be grateful to get to work with him. His constant negativity is draining. He’s an amateur director making amateur artistic decisions and huge mistakes as the leader of a team.
    This is just community theater with the backing of a touring-house budget.

    This conpany is horrible!! I agree the artistic director nightmare! I wouldn’t wish working here on my worst enemy!!! There are far better places to work!

    08/07/2018  10:39pm

    I have no idea why people still work here. All I’ve ever heard is terrible things about them. I’ve seen a couple of shows here and the production value is great, but the horror stories I’ve heard should surpass that.

    I agree with everything that’s been stated already. Avoid at all costs.

    08/24/2018  1:52pm

    Slow Burn put a SHARP X-Acto knife in their production of Big River without telling their actors. This knife severly cut the actor playing Tom Sawyer during their 2nd preview (with a full audience). This actor was rushed to the hospital and had to get emergency surgery. This actor ended up getting a total of 4 surgeries and suffers permanent damage due to their Gross Negligence. I can't believe they didn't have the common sense to know that putting a SHARP OBJECT in a show would be a bad idea.

    You would be considered an IDIOT and a FOOL if you worked for this company.

    Yes their production value is decent, but your life and career is more important. Take your talent somewhere else where it would be appreciated more than it would be with this company.

    08/24/2018  3:52pm

    The resident director always seems to show up moody, scowling and negative for no reason. After working with him I looked up his experience. I found one summer of theme park, no college, no directorial training. If I had to listen to him bad mouth yet another local theatre during our rehearsals I would have screamed.

    09/02/2018  3:39pm