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Gig&Tell: Perseverance Theatre

  • Amazing theatre and place!    
    01/31/2015  4:07pm

    What an awesome expirence! By far the best contract I have ever had. Everyone you work with at the theatre is a delight. So nice. Not to mention their local actors they pull from are extreme talented. Of course it's an old theatre so the dressing rooms are about 1inc per person and sometimes there is actually snow backstage from the crazy snow storms. So have a robe backstage!

    And to top it all off you get to work in ALASKA! Juneau is beautiful! It's a small town but full of charm. Know it will rain non stop. Buy good boots and a jacket. But I would wait until you get there to get the "right" stuff. But you can't go wrong with xtra-tuffs :))) take this contract you will fall in love with Juneau.