Gig&Tell: Dutch Wonderland

  • Any info? 03/23/2018  2:21pm

    I actually got an offer to work there as a costume character and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Thanks!

    Hey! I worked there a few years ago and loved it. I was the swing so I only had to do the character costumes once a week. I'll be honest it's hard to do character costumes in general and you will be working outside so it's hot. However, the kids make it so worth it. They LOVE the characters and its so rewarding to make a kids day. We also had a great cast so I had one of the best summers there. Hope this helps!

    03/26/2018  2:22pm

    Thank you so much!! This totally helps as I don't know anyone who has done something like this! Thank you!

    03/26/2018  10:55pm