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Gig&Tell: Priscilla Beach Theatre

  • Proud PBT Alum    
    09/01/2018  7:33pm

    Overall I had a wonderful experience at PBT. I made lifelong friendships, had the opportunity to work their kids summer workshops, and enjoyed a summer next to the beach while getting paid to perform...what more could you ask for?!

    But here's a little insiders scoop:

    1.) Bob and Sandy Malone put their heart and souls into this theatre and making their loyal season subscribers feel comfortable and welcome. They are very kind and treat their actors extremely well but things aren't always run how other "professional" theatre do them or what we are used to. Just have grace and be patient. Their production manager, Josh, is wonderful and works incredibly hard.

    2.) The housing is very nice! There are 3 houses on campus and your house and room are assigned to you upon arrival. It can get a bit crowded at times but if you are respectful of others stuff and space it shouldn't be a problem. You are provided sheets, blanket, and a pillow. Laundry is also FREE and on campus.

    3.) The beach is less than a 5 minute walk from campus...SCORE!! Other than that you can walk to a CVS, 7/11, post office, and ice cream shop. Luckily lots of my cast members had cars so it wasn't a problem getting around but you do feel a bit stuck sometimes. Bring a car if you are able but if not it isn't the end of the world.

    4.) The pay isn't great. You make $500 per show and there are no "official" contracts. You can make more money by working their kids workshops but it can be a bit political to get selected to do so. Show your interest from DAY 1 and be persistent.

    I would highly recommend accepting a job at PBT especially if you are in school looking for a fun summer stock experience or if you are newly graduated from school! I am so happy I worked there and it's exactly what I needed this summer! I'm happy to be part of the PBT family!

  • PBT is family    
    06/07/2018  3:27pm

    1. Bob and Sandy are AWESOME. They care about their theatre. They are always happy to see the actors and crew. Josh is a fantastic Production manager. Real friendly and honest people. If you have questions you will get answers.

    2. Housing is packed. Housing is old. Take care of your space and be kind to your roommates. I will say I did take small issue with some of my housemates as some were a lil messy but they also never lived on their own before (understandable but still...). Communicate and deal responsibly.
    There are 3 houses that we use. Theres a central hallway then bedrooms and bedrooms behind bedrooms. So you do sometimes have to pass through another (same gender) bedroom to get out to the hall. Bunk beds make a lot of noise. Floors creak and doors bang. If you are tall, fight for getting one of the single beds, You'll sleep better as the Bunk beds are railed up..

    3. no paper contracts, and no fine print. DONT BE THROWN OFF. Your offer letter and your yes response serves as your "contract." that you provide your services as an actor in said production in exchange for your pay.

    4. They pay everyone $500 per show. Some actors did get bumps for other reasons (ongoing relationship, grandfathering a wage they were paid in a previous year). They told me the rate at my audition.

    5. Rehearsal period is generous. 3-4 weeks till opening. 4 hours per day 5 days a week-ish. Your shows will be fine but I personally felt ready to open a week before we finally took our first bow.

    6. DRY CAMPUS. No alcohol is allowed in housing.Presumably to prevent the kids from partying and causing fines from noise citations, and also because there is a day camp with kids that operates in the day time. However the adults do sometimes grab a drink after rehearsal/ show.

    7. Runs can sell out in presale. they have a great subscriber base but it does lean older (as small stock houses often do).

    8. The beach is a 5 minute walk.

    9. Groceries are 15 minutes driving. Some people have cars and people can share. there is also a company van. Nearest printer is also 15 minutes away (staples).

    10. Off-summer season shows rehearse in Boston. company provides your transportation to and from rehearsals in said van.

    11. Laundry is on site.

    Enjoy your time! Be considerate and Make good choices.