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Gig&Tell: Peterborough Players Theater

  • Wonderful people to work for!    
    09/23/2017  10:44pm

    I did the intern program the summer of 2017 and was very happy :)

    Gus, the artistic director is wonderful to work for as well as Keith, the managing director, and all the staff.

    As an acting intern you will be rehearsing, working in shops (costuming, scenery, lighting, administrative), running the shows technically, and being a part of each changeover. This is all while earning equity points! The days are long and the work is hard, but I never felt under appreciated.

    There are cabarets every Saturday night if you like to sing!

    They have cabins especially for interns and other staff. It's a single bedroom with a shared bathroom and a community building with kitchen/TV. This was all built in 2012. Bring your own bedding/towels.

    Peterborough is a town where you want a car. It's about a 10 min drive to grocery/town square/church/anything else you would need. Nearest Target is about 40 min away.

    If you are offered an internship I highly recommend it! I had an amazing summer and learned so much :)