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Gig&Tell: Shaker Bridge Theatre

  • Shaker Bridge Theatre 05/30/2018  5:37pm

    Shaker Bridge is a tiny little theatre in the tiny little town of Enfield, New Hampshire; however, they have the reputation of doing excellent productions and have a loyal following in the area. Director Bill Coons prefers small-cast contemporary plays.
    I recently finished an original play there, written by a local actor/playwright. We worked directly with the director and author to develop the script, and he even incorporated many of our improvised ideas into the final version.
    The 3 NYC Equity actors worked under a Special Appearance contract, which doesn't pay much, but the additional perks were a membership in a very upscale health club (swimming pools, climbing wall, tennis courts, classes); a rental car; and lodging in a lovely 3-BR lake-front condominium 5 minutes from the theater.
    I loved my experience at SBT, and would definitely go back again. If you enjoy quality, intimate theater, and don't care much about nightlife or the excitement of a big city, I highly recommend this theater!

    I forgot to add the website:

    05/30/2018  5:39pm