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Gig&Tell: Argyle Theater

  • okay...    
    08/30/2018  3:11pm

    Experience wasn't bad, but the pay is meh...that's to be expected at a theatre this level though. If you need credits, go for it.

    do they provide housing or stipend for commute?

    09/15/2018  8:21pm

    they pay for the commute entirely

    09/16/2018  9:46pm

    The theatre is new, yes. But they are tackling problems they come across with a sound mind and finding the best solutions to the problems that do arise. The owners are the sweetest human beings you will meet. They just want to bring culture and diversity to Babylon/ Long Island. The pay for non eq is to be expected from a new theatre, and the pay for equity is to also be expected from a new theatre. THEY JUST OPENED. The town just figured out there is a professional theatre they now have the option to spend a night out at. The artistic director is a gem of a human being and he is just the best of the best. He only wants the best for his actors and tries his hardest to make sure everyone has a voice and no one is taken advantage of. LOVED working at the Argyle and would be honored to go back!

    09/19/2018  12:12am