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Gig&Tell: Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

  • An experience you will cherish    
    09/07/2016  11:31am

    There are so many things I could say about Actorst Theatre of Charlotte and truly, not one of them is bad. I LOVE working with them. I was new to theatre when I worked with them and they treated me like family immediately. I was never uncomfortable making choices, failing, and being a goof ball. Chip Decker (Dir) is one of the most thoughtful directors I have ever met. Alongside the amazing Carrie Cranford (Backstage and everything wizard) they make extremely high quality theatre. The theatre and location are also great. The space is intimate and is perfect for those quirky off broadway shows that are now going regional. Charlotte is also an amazing city, it's beautiful and diverse and the weather is great. You will not be disappointed working here.