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Gig&Tell: Pioneer Theatre Company

  • Pioneer Theater is where it's at!! 05/01/2012  8:21pm

    I had the honor and privilege to work for this theater company as an actor. Let me tell you I have yet to have the spectacular experience I has at PTC. The staff are incredible. It's a team effort to put up a quality production... And PTC knows that. They start rehearsals on time, take breaks on time, you work and have a blast, and also keep your artistic integrity as well. LOVED every second I was there, and Utah is beautiful!! The mountains are gorgeous. There's public transportation that is easy. Just great! I highly recommend working for them!

    PTC is a wonderful, warm company. Gorgeous theatre and production value. The new actor housing is great, the public transportation is very nice, and the whole city is beautiful. I did tons of hiking and exploring the city once our show opened - it was an incredible experience! :)

    06/22/2013  11:44pm

    Does anyone know how much they pay non Equity people?

    09/25/2013  12:10pm

    Non Eq pay is like $300 a week. They don't hire non-local non-Eq generally, although they may make some exceptions

    This theatre is amazing to work for!!

    01/19/2014  1:59am

    Beautiful Theatre. Wonderfully professional. Feel very blessed to have had the opportunity. Great food in the area too.

    12/06/2017  11:37am

    Fantastic theater company to work for. Great pay for a regional gig, amazing housing and you feel very respected as an artist.

    01/20/2018  11:58am