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Gig&Tell: Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre

  • Completely incompetent    
    09/26/2018  1:18pm

    This theater seems to be run by people who "like" theater, as opposed to actually knowing anything about it. Our director for LEGALLY BLONDE was completely unqualified, incompetent, weak, had no vision, and shockingly, no one fired her or came in to save the day. The ONLY bright spots of this venue were the music director, Christian, and the choreographer, Angela.

    They handled the turnover of the artistic directly poorly. Talent varied. Quality was atrocious. Costumes were horrible. DID ANYONE ON THE TEAM READ THE SCRIPT? Set was fine but certainly not good. Most housing is home stays and a few actors were in a house together. I had my own car, but if you did not have a car you were totally out of luck and you needed to pray someone could drive you around.

    To kick us when we were down, we then had a performance cancelled because our Elle was sick. We had someone who had done the role IN the show. They didn't let her go on. They just refunded or moved all the tickets for that night. A CANCELLED PERFORMANCE. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

    Bright side: nice area. kind of.

    I'm extremely sad to read the above review because only a year ago I had the exact opposite experience. My time working at this theatre could not have been more professional! It was run by very qualified people, the cast was superb, and our costumes and sets were terrific. I very much hope that what apparently happened this summer is not repeated in the future. 5/5 stars for the 2017 season experience at least.

    09/26/2018  8:53pm