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Gig&Tell: GoCar Productions

  • DO NOT WORK HERE 09/28/2018  1:45pm

    GoCar Productions is not a real production company, and if you sign a contract with them you will not be paid. Carla Robinson (the owner and producer) has never worked in theatre, and her "creative staff " is made up of three of her church lady friends who also have never worked in theatre. Carla started this company so that she could produce a show she wrote called The Uptown. The show is mediocre at best, poorly written, saved only by the music- Philadelphia R&B classics that Carla wrote into the show without getting the rights for. They have now put the production up twice and still do not have the musical rights, but thats another issue entirely. There is no stage management, no clear direction, no respect for actors time or input. Its worse than bad community theatre- its a scam. The "rehearsal process" involved us meeting at a rec center in North Philly a few times a week, waiting around for an hour and a half for the entire creative team to show up, and then doing table reads of the show. We literally never fully blocked a single thing. Opening night was the first time we had ever done the entire show standing up, and it was a JOKE. My friends came to the show and said they had seen better middle school show choir recitals than this. I spent MONTHS making costumes, choreographing, and working as dance captain for this show over the summer- and took on all of the stage managers responsibilities due to the complete incompetence of the creative staff. Despite fulfilling my contract and all of the extra work I did, I still have not seen a dime. It has been more than 3 months since the show closed, I have badgered Carla weekly for my paycheck and every time she gives me some lame excuse about how "She is waiting for the city to approve something" or "She'll be sure to send it out soon". Meanwhile, she is putting out advertisements for the next staging of The Uptown, all while the actors from the last two shows are still awaiting payment. Now she won't even respond to my messages herself, but instead gets one of her church friends to make up an excuse for her. Its insulting, degrading, disrespectful, and dishonest. The worst part is that they close almost every message with "We are praying we will be able to honor your contract soon".
    If you expect to be respected as an actor
    If you value your time
    If you want to work with theatre professionals on meaningful projects
    If you want to be paid for your efforts in more than "thoughts and prayers"
    NEVER EVER EVER take a job with GoCar Productions. It. Is. A. Joke.