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Gig&Tell: Portland Center Stage


    I worked at PCS for 8 months last year and it was the best 8 months I have ever had a performer on the regional circuit. I have worked at a lot of places but this one takes the cake. The care and the love these people have for theater is amazing. I learned so much and grew ten folds as an actor. I was happy to be apart of One Night with Janis Joplin and the All Black Oklahoma. Each dept. of the theater puts 150% into their craft. From sets to costumes to direction to even the box office. This theater is top noch. IF YOU GET A JOB THERE GO and try to stay as long as you can :) Here is a run down of the perks!

    1. Great pay min around 750 Lort D contract

    2. Portland, OR is amazing you get to stay in the middle of downtown with great 1 bed room apt. with full kitchen and everything you need.

    3. Access to a Zip Car
    Helps you get to the sites Mountains, Beaches, and Trader Joes :)

    4. Great Creative Team/Actors
    They bring in great for their shows mostly NY actors and 1 or two locals.

    5. You live 2 blocks from the theater.

    6. Audience
    People love the in Portland and are super appreciative of a great talent.

    7. Internet everywhere
    theater and housing

    8. Free Breakfast everyday in hotel.

    9. If you are nonequity you automatically get your equity card by working there. Everyone who works there is equity.

    10. Lot of tax taken out of check make sure you prepare your self for that.


    I could not agree more - I would give anything to work there again! Had such a wonderful experience on all fronts.

    04/02/2012  12:42pm

    Best regional experience I've ever had. I would work there again in a heartbeat!
    They truly take care of their actors in Portland.

    02/06/2015  9:51am