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Gig&Tell: Alabama Shakespeare Festival

  • any info? 07/19/2013  1:50pm

    Hey- anyone have any experience working here? I'd love some insight. Thanks!

    I did an entire season of Shakespeare there a few years ago. The housing is decent and is walking distance to the theatre, which is gorgeous and on a beautiful piece of property. Very professional experience. Shared vehicles. We had a nice gym to go to and conveniently located grocery stores and a cineplex. But you are in suburban Montgomery, AL and there ain't much there.

    03/08/2014  8:16am

    I had a nice time there, for the most part. Housing is nice and the venue is nice.

    04/02/2014  11:09pm

    Have any individuals done the ASF intership program?

    06/22/2015  4:39pm

    I'd love to hear if other people have done the internship program there as well. Bump - - - Thanks!

    06/14/2017  1:24pm

    Have a 14-year old daughter that played Jane Banks last summer at ASF, it was an unbelievably positive experience in every way! ASF rocks, if you have a chance to play there, you'll love it, the audiences, administration and location is fantastic and most likely a hidden gem! Try it, you'll LOVE it!

    05/31/2018  5:29pm

    Can anyone speak on the Fellowship program? Just got an appointment

    07/24/2018  6:14pm

    bump on the Acting Fellowship program!

    07/31/2018  2:33pm

    So does this "bump" mean the Fellowship Program is something I should pursue?

    08/01/2018  12:37am